Cedar and Juniper Fence

Fencing contractors are everywhere.  When we see them pulling loads out of the "BIG BOX STORES", we here at NWSBP  start to fear for their customers.  To be competitive with all of the other installers, many fence builders opt for the "cheapo" pale, thin, wide grain fencing with little aroma and a bar code tag on the end of every fence board.....YUK!!  Coastal Grown Western Red Cedar is THE IDEAL FENCING MATERIAL.  It is resistant to mildew, molds, insects and rot.  It has a beautiful palette of colors from deep chocolate brown to reds, pinks, and amber.  The smell of fresh cedar is earthy and sweet and compliments the outdoor environment.  Our cedar is longer lasting by 2-3 times due to the heavy infusion of essential oils and resins that coastal grown cedar is famous for. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COASTAL GROWN AND INTERIOR NORTH AMERICAN CEDAR!!  We supply our customers with select lumber!  There will never be loose knots in our #1 fencing that will pop out when the fence board dries the first time.  We inspect all of the lumber we offer with trained eyes and source our material from respected suppliers.

Pet Fencing       

NW Sustainable has many options for pet containment.  We offer chain link, wood and wire combinations.  Call us for options and planning assistance.  WOOF!!!                                                                        

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**New as a fencing product is rustic live edge Western Juniper.  Juniper will outlast any other fencing material 3 to 1.  Juniper fencing is estimated to  have a service life of up to 50 yrs!  Juniper set in the ground as a post can last in excess of 30 years, so a fence board, out of the soil, is a "lifetime board".  Like cedar, Juniper is beautifully grained and has a rich earthy smell.  As with all Juniper products, you can trust in the environmentally sound practices of harvesting and the ecological benefit to the great ranges and grasslands of Oregon. 

Juniper is also available in square edge traditional profile.  These boards are a full 1" thick.  Most "big box" brands of fencing are 5/8" or if you are lucky, 3/4".  The added thickness and unparalleled resistance to decay of Juniper make them a great choice for N.W. homes.

We can bring new and unique designs to your home and yard. From simple partitions to dramatic pieces of art, we take pride in providing the highest quality materials and techniques to make certain that your outside environment is beautiful and will stay that way for years to come.


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