Portland Oregon is considered the vanguard of sustainable and green living.  There are other cities in America where there is a movement to protect the environment, to ensure clean water for the public and to create natural spaces in the urban landscape. But, none are as experienced and committed to the philosophy as those who choose to live in the "last livable metropolitan area in the west".
Portland chooses to buy products for the local parks from local small businesses.  The city's parks departments use locally supplied cedar split rail fencing to define walking trails and to protect fragile natural areas.  There are bike paths and bicycle boulevards to carry the petroleum free commuters to and from their destinations with little risk of bike to car conflicts.  River frontage in the heart of the "Down Town" supports festivals and events that are known across the west including, The Rose Festival, the largest Cinco De Mayo North of Los Angeles, The Waterfront Blues Festival (thought to be the best in the country….Sorry New Orleans and Austin).  And of course the Portland Saturday Market.  Over 750,000 visitors enjoy the market each year.
Portland is a park city.  With well over 150 public parks in Portland, a few stand out as true gems.   Forest Park is one of the largest municipal parks in America.  The park covers 5,100 acres of land with large second growth North West native trees.  Douglas fir, Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, Maple, Oak, Ash, Alder, etc.  With interlinking trails to many other west side parks like, Hoyt Arboretum and The Portland Japanese Gardens, it takes many days of walking and exploring to see it all.  And it is constantly changing.
Portlander's take great pride in their city and it shows through the massive volunteer efforts that bring the community together.  From planting trees through out the neighborhoods to ensure clean air and protection from the summer heat to river bank clean ups and watershed restoration.   Portlander's are not afraid to get out and get a little dirty to help keep the city a model for others to follow.
Recently, local parks and public schools have committed some of their green spaces for public gardening.  Juniper and Cedar planter boxes are being built and installed to grow fresh garden veggies and fruits for summer.  And, because Portlander's are basically honest, hard working and responsible at their core…. there is little vandalism and theft in these gardens. 
Portlander's are proud of their city and should be proud of themselves.  It is the community that makes the environment.  From Rocky Butte to Oaks Bottom.  From Lents Park to Forest Park.  From the Willamette River to The Clackamas and Columbia rivers, Portland is the "GREENEST CITY IN AMERICA!"
Get out and see it! 



NWSBP has served many of you in our community through sales,construction projects, building advice, referrals to businesses we support, etc.  We lost all of our customer reviews when we built our new web site.  We need your comments about our performance.  Did you get good service?  Was the staff helpful and informative? Was your deck or fence project a success?  Were the materials you purchased of quality and well handled?  Please let us know what your experience with NWSBP was like.  Please e-mail comments to   Or, you can log onto our contact page and make a comment there.  Thank you to our loyal customers!  We appreciate your continued support!


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                                                                                           The children of NWSBP showing off the goods!!!


NWSBP now has new designs for our planters and raised beds that ensure long life and extreme durability!!  We are using high strength fasteners designed for structural building that increase the strength of the wood junctions by 3 times.  From small window boxes to large main frame designs, NWSBP is ready to get your planting project underway!!!
Call for pricing and lumber options.


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Spring Is Just Around The Corner

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The spring weather is headed our way and we are ready to get your garden ready!  Juniper and cedar planters and raised beds will not only give you an easier time maintaining your garden, they are an attractive addition to your outdoor environment.  NWSBP can build them for you or supply the lumber you need to be ready for spring planting.
Fresh tomatoes that are full of color and flavor, beans and sugar snap peas, strawberries, lettuce and kale, onions and garlic, herbs, carrots....... a healthy bounty and directly from your own back yard!!
NWSBP is ready for you!!  Are you ready for spring???

Schoolyard Farms

posted Nov 6, 2013, 1:14 PM by Mark Rankin

(from the Portland Tribune) Portland-area nonprofit  Schoolyard Farms launched a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo today to raise money for a pilot farm at Candy Lane Elementary School in Milwaukie.
Schoolyard Farms hopes to plant small farms of an acre or more on school grounds, raising food to serve in each school’s cafeteria.
“Childhood obesity is at an all-time high and, yet, children are going hungry in Oregon,” says Courtney Leeds, director and founder of Schoolyard Farms.
The new group hopes to raise $17,000 over Indiegogo by Dec. 6.

For more information:

Custom Planter Boxes

posted Oct 4, 2013, 3:56 PM by Mark Rankin

It's not too late to start some Fall Gardening! As fall is upon us, it is still a good time to plant Garlic. We can make you custom cedar or juniper planter boxes for your deck or garden as you plan for the Spring, dreaming of next years harvest. Bring your design or let us help you create something special. Come visit us at our new location next to the historic Bell Station market along the Springwater corridor.

custom cedar planter boxes

Juniper landscaping

posted Aug 28, 2013, 10:06 AM by Mark Rankin

The new landscaping at Autzen Stadium in Eugene features reclaimed Juniper from Prineville.
We have an assortment of juniper logs in 8 foot lengths for your landscaping project.

Oregon Solutions: Juniper development

posted Aug 13, 2013, 3:33 PM by Mark Rankin

Juniper in the news: Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has designated the Western Juniper Utilization Group as an “Oregon Solutions” project, meaning it will collect $262,000 “to unlock the potential of rangeland restoration and juniper harvested from public and private lands.”

The Oldest Juniper

posted Aug 10, 2013, 11:48 AM by Mark Rankin

The expansion of Western Juniper in Oregon, estimated at over 4 million acres mostly in central and eastern regions of the state, is cause for concern and has prompted the Juniper Utilization Group However, there are some impressive ancient juniper trees out there that have been surviving for centuries. The oldest juniper tree in Oregon is up Horse Ridge near Bend, and is estimated to be over 1,600 years old.
An interesting perspective on juniper from a few years ago

If you want to see for yourself, visit the Horse Ridge Recreation Area

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